In the presence of Her Excellency, the Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, Mrs. Soha Gendi, and a selection of key figures in the paper, cardboard, packaging, and printing industry, the events of the 15th edition of PAPER ME & Print2Pack 2023 commenced on September 2nd and ended on September 4th. This exhibition was graced by the distinguished presence of El-Obour for Paper Production, one of the companies in Eng. Sherif Farouk Osman’s group.

El-Obour for Paper Production, as a prominent exhibitor and leading member of the Egyptian paper industry showcased its distinct pavilion during the exhibition, providing the opportunity to exchange experiences and insights while learning about global best practices in the paper industry and opening up new export markets.

“We, at El-Obour for Paper Production, take pride in our participation and the enthusiastic response from participants and visitors during the 15th edition of the PAPER ME & Print2Pack exhibition. This highlights the significant importance of the paper industry in the region and demonstrates the immense potential and opportunities our company possesses as an Egyptian company. We look forward to consolidating our relationships with current clients and gaining fruitful business opportunities with new partners on a local, regional and international levels.”

The event was also characterized by a significant turnout and diverse participation of leading companies in the paper industry from the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Yemen. The exhibition featured the latest products in the paper and cardboard industries, as well as printing, packaging machinery, equipment, production lines, and raw materials such as chemicals, packaging paper, printing ink, ready-made paper health products, and many innovative products and technologies that are driving the market towards more sustainable business practices.